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You Don't Have to Do It All

Are you feeling exhausted? Overwhelmed? Overburdened and burned out? That is a feeling that many of us live with. We accept every new chore or responsibility and heap it on the mountain of other items in our inbox, wondering if we will live to see the day that it is empty. The truth is: you probably won't. That is the way life works. There is always something new. Always an item that will be completed late or not at all. So, with that new knowledge, why worry? Do what you can, and take care of you. If you don't have the time to relax and recharge, you are doing too much. If your life is so full that you have...

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To Give is to Receive

Are you frustrated by the lack of inflow in your manifesting process? In order to be open to receiving, you must also be prepared to give. This can be a challenge when you have little to offer, but you can be creative, giving of your time, energy and company. When you are not open to receiving, you deprive yourself of opportunities to give. Giving is a blessing. When you truly help someone, you experience joy through them and strengthen your connection to Divine source. Does that mean that there is no such thing as a selfless act? Why does anything have to be selfless? Energy wants to move, it does not want to stop with one person. And besides, we...

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Knowing Yourself

  Take some time every day to spend with yourself. Knowing yourself, makes it easier to see when others are pushing their ideas and negative thoughts onto you. You can do this with short, regular meditations throughout the day. This personal quiet time also helps you to hear your Angelic guidance. Try it, it is free and easy!

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Sunday Check-in!

It is Sunday check in time! It is a time to touch base and reconnect with your Angels. Look over the past week. What were the biggest challenges you faced? What were your most successful and triumphant moments? Look for common themes in both. These are the lessons you are learning. Thank the Angels for this education and release the week. Time to start fresh! The time is now and your power is in this moment! Now go out and seize the day!

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