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You Are Not Being Punished

When you put your faith in the Universe and make your requests for the things you would like to bring into your life, you may, at first, notice the opposite happening. You affirm prosperity and you get a large bill. You affirm peace and everyone around you seems to be fighting. You may begin to pout, thinking the Divine Source has forgotten you (not true and not possible). Your wishes are not being denied, the way is being cleared. You are being shown where your resistance lies so you can heal it and easily attract the life you want. A thorough housecleaning can stir up a lot of dust and move a lot of clutter into your living space, but...

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You Have the Power

Do not underestimate your power. You have the ability to overcome the toughest situations you have ever faced in your life and more.    Every conflict gives you an opportunity to grow. And each lesson is personalized for your soul.  Just ask for the help you need to get through the situations in your life and listen to the guidance you receive.  When you are facing your toughest battles, your Angels are at your side. Trust them.

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