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3 Steps to Moving Forward When Mercury is Going Backward

As we march to the end of a challenging astrological year, we find ourselves right in the middle of our final Mercury Retrograde. The good news: Our favorite bi-directional planet will be direct before Christmas. This retrograde has a strong Neptunian influence. So we have Mercury which is about communication and Neptune which, well… if daydreaming had a planet, Neptune would be it. Think of a time when you were listening to a lecture on a very important subject and your mind drifted off to chores at home, and who was going to ask you to the prom and how you should get your hair done…. Then the teacher calls out, “POP QUIZ!” To add to the stress, we are...

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You Are Not Being Punished

When you put your faith in the Universe and make your requests for the things you would like to bring into your life, you may, at first, notice the opposite happening. You affirm prosperity and you get a large bill. You affirm peace and everyone around you seems to be fighting. You may begin to pout, thinking the Divine Source has forgotten you (not true and not possible). Your wishes are not being denied, the way is being cleared. You are being shown where your resistance lies so you can heal it and easily attract the life you want. A thorough housecleaning can stir up a lot of dust and move a lot of clutter into your living space, but...

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Jump or Be Pushed

As we settle into the familiar discomfort that is Mercury Retrograde, we may find that ourselves in situations that push our most vulnerable buttons. The Universe is not out to get you. It is out to get rid of those buttons. If you had never jumped out of a plane, and found yourself standing in the open hatch, looking down at the ground far below you, you would definitely feel uncomfortable. You have three possible choices: You can get back into the cabin of the plane and waste the money you spent. You can wait for your instructor to push you out and send you hurtling down startled and struggling to get your bearings. Or you can face your discomfort...

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Finally! Mercury Retrograde is Over!

Mercury Retrograde is over today! Time to cheer? Have you done your Retrograde homework? What did you learn? What did you re-visit? What did you re-experience? These Retrograde lessons are important clues to what is holding you back. It is as though the Universe is giving you life coaching advice. When the Universe gives advice, it is best to take it! Your Angels can help you work out the details.  

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