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You Are the Love You Seek

February has begun and Valentine's Day will soon be upon us. There is no other holiday on the calendar that evokes such strong emotions.  “When will I find love?” is one of the most common questions asked by individuals who come in for a psychic reading. What they are wanting to hear is a specific time and/or place where their future beloved will be delivered by the Universe. Unfortunately for them, the Universe doesn't speak time, it speaks energy. 

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Valentine's Day: When You're Not Feeling the Love

Valentines Day!It's the holiday you love or hate depending on your romantic situation. People get depressed and hopeless. They run after anyone they can find just so they are not the one, “alone on Valentine's Day.” Some people, having lost a partner due to death are left feeling ostracized by society, being forced to view the romantic gestures and over-the-top demonstrations that remind them of those they have lost and bring new grief to the surface. If you are in a relationship, it can cause problems too. What if your significant other forgets? Or gets you something inappropriate? What if the day doesn't meet your high romantic expectations or your social media contacts have pictures of lavish restaurants, baskets of...

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Be Your Own Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! This day brings up mixed emotions. If you are in a relationship, you may feel happy and grateful. If you are single, you might feel lonely and depressed. A relationship, while it can be harmonious and fulfilling, is no guarantee of happiness. Your friends on social media, most likely, post their happiest moments only and leave out the fights, miscommunication and stress that can occur when sharing your life with another.  If a loving relationship is your goal, you must start with yourself. If you don't feel love towards yourself, you will never attract a satisfying relationship. You can have fun for a while, but in the end, those feelings of self-hatred and insecurity will come back...

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