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3 Steps to Moving Forward When Mercury is Going Backward

As we march to the end of a challenging astrological year, we find ourselves right in the middle of our final Mercury Retrograde. The good news: Our favorite bi-directional planet will be direct before Christmas. This retrograde has a strong Neptunian influence. So we have Mercury which is about communication and Neptune which, well… if daydreaming had a planet, Neptune would be it. Think of a time when you were listening to a lecture on a very important subject and your mind drifted off to chores at home, and who was going to ask you to the prom and how you should get your hair done…. Then the teacher calls out, “POP QUIZ!” To add to the stress, we are...

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Forewarned is a Blessing

When you go in to get a psychic reading, you always hope to hear the best of news. We'd all like to hear that we have a large sum of money coming, that the love of our lives is just around the corner, or that we are in the best of health. We dread phrases like, "It's not a good time for..., You might want to prepare for...., or Maybe it's time to cut down on the sweets." These are the readings, that can be most helpful, though.  If you are wearing a $1000 dress, wouldn't you like to be warned about the muddy street up ahead? What if you got a heads up about the latest bug that's going...

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Victim to Victory in 4 steps!

Whatever your situation, no matter how unfair it seems, the worst thing you can do is see yourself as a victim. A victim has no power. If you identify with this mindset, you will not likely improve your situation. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't reach out and help those in need when you can. To do so can help make you feel empowered.  Here are some things to do to get yourself out of that "victim" mindset: 1.) Take a personal inventory- What are your gifts and talents? Is there a way you can use them to create a better life for yourself?  2.) Count your blessings- No matter how bad you feel, someone else has it worse. Look...

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The Challenge of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is a challenge. The harder you try, it seems, the more obstacles are thrown your way. This does not mean that you have failed. It means that the magic is working! You are succeeding in moving the old patterns and stuck energies around you! They are coming to the surface to be released. If you see them as a sign of your failure, they will remain with you. When you see something you are trying to overcome stare you in the face, take a breath and say thank you! Then let it go. You  needn't be bothered with it anymore! There will come a point where you hardly notice these energies anymore. Your mountains will become tiny pebbles...

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Three Steps to Surviving Mercury Retrograde- Part three: Eyes Wide Open

Have you ever gone on a trip and been in a hurry? You saw major sights and obvious landmarks and assumed that you saw everything. Then you go back, in less of a rush, and you see a thousand other little details and things that you missed the first time. The experience changes, and you […]

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