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The Lionsgate Portal

The Lionsgate Portal is open!  If your Spiritual gifts have been opening already, even more new downloads, insights and abilities are being presented to you if you wish to accept them. This amazing alignment between the Earth, the sun and the star Sirius, happens yearly and gives us an opportunity to step into our power and grow as channels of Divine energy. Why would this amazing event happen at a time when we are experiencing multi-planet retrogrades? Wouldn't that diminish the energetic upgrades? The answer is no, and this is one of the ideas that we must get past in order to step into our full power.  This may seem like a time of darkness, and it is. But the...

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Let the Past Pass

Your current emotional state is not about your past experiences. Don't let a momentary, passing feeling lead you re-live past fears and react from your old wounds. Every moment that passes gives you a new opportunity to heal. Don't waste it! Your Angels can help you heal those old wounds so you can let go of the past and look forward to new adventures!  

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Full Moon and the President’s Speech

The full moon in Cancer, sheds light on our strong emotions. Emotions that for many are coming to the surface on the heels of the President’s speech. They see the  darkness in the other side and do not recognize that it is their own darkness that is crying out for attention reflected in those they […]

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