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The Art of Resting

This is the daydreaming trap. Work ends, and your energy starved body and mind drift off into activities like television, or indulging in junk food or alcohol. When you are done, you are exhausted, and feel guilty or ashamed of the time wasted.

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The Power of Music

Those who have crossed over and returned, often report a beautiful musical, soul-soothing sound heard throughout the Heavenly realm. The music created on Earth does not have quite the same effect, although many types of music can be extremely relaxing and can be used to enhance many types of spiritual practice. Music has been used by meditation, yoga teachers and hypnotists to help their clients achieve desired states. Lullabies have been sung by parents to relax their children so they can sleep better. The right music can inspire and motivate people to achieve their goals, or simply, release pent up emotions. To learn more about music and sounds that can enhance your spiritual practice, join us this Thursday June 22nd...

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