Take Back Your Power, With Silence

When someone says something  angry or fearful and you feel the need to respond, you have given them power.

As you respond, they respond back and the fearful, angry cycle continues.

The energy projects outward and other people, including impressionable children pick it up.

As a new era dawns, we have the opportunity to teach our children to lovingly communicate with others,

Daena and I have our differences, but we have learned to communicate with love.

and we do that by setting a good example. That which is given attention grows. That which is ignored diminishes.

When you feel a need to engage in a negative communication, stop and ask yourself, “What is this feeling trying to tell me?” Deal with the feeling inside you, not with the outside interaction.

Your Angels can help you heal your hurt feelings so that you will respond with love, always.

Communications should be joyful and add something beautiful to the silence. Otherwise silence is better.

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