The Adventure of Change

The most feared card in the tarot deck is Death.

That is also a pretty big fear in our lives. Why do we fear it? Because we can only guess, believe and theorize what comes afterward. 

Depending on the circumstances, there might be pain on the journey to death, but most psychics and people who have had near death experiences, describe it as an experience of release, freedom and joy. 

Any change in our lives can also be seen as a kind of death. It is the end of an old  life or old way of doing things that seems to be getting us nowhere. 

The only way to make things better when they aren't working is to change. 

Surrender that old energy and release it to make way for something better. 

Trust that the Universe and your guides have got your back and will support you during difficult transition times. 

Think of change as an exciting adrenaline rush. Like a roller coaster that takes you up a steep hill, then a fast dive downward, followed by a gentle glide into the station where family and friends are waiting for you ready to share memories and head off to the next adventure. 

Life is change. Embrace change, release the past, and enjoy the ride. 


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