The Art of Release

Still bathed in the energy of the recent full moon, the spiritual energy allows us all to release what no longer serves us.

You can consciously be part of this process through breath work, meditation, journaling and counseling sessions. 

You will experience some release whether you do it consciously or not. 

You may find yourself snapping at and harshly criticizing those around you. You might be kind and understanding when dealing with a customer at work, but when you go to a restaurant afterwards, you find fault with everything the host, kitchen and wait staff are doing and tell them so. 

It is fine to speak up when you are wronged, but be sure that the message is coming from your heart and not your overburdened ego. 

If you feel the need to yell, then scream it onto the paper of your journal. You can even tear out the page and rip it up or burn it to release it further. 

If you can find a place where no one will hear you then, yell it out at the top of your lungs, pound it out into a pillow or punching bag, or just allow yourself to cry until you feel better.

Not only will you feel better, but you will find that you attract fewer people who want to dump their emotional trash on you. That is  because, it won't "stick" to you. They won't  be able to lift their moods, by bringing yours down. 

And of course, prevention is the  best medicine. Find a meditation that protects your energy such as the Pyramid of Protection

Being a Lightworker, doesn't mean taking on the "dark" of those around you. You can be a much more effective healer if your energy is clear.

To hear more about the energies we are currently dealing with, join us for our Angels Unveiled talk show Thursday nights at 8:00.

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