The Care and Feeding of Humans

A person who is seeking your reaction, is feeding a type of hunger.

The angry person wants a reason to be angry. They may seek you out as a target of their emotion or a nemesis who will feed it.

A perpetually sad person may want to make you sad so they will not feel alone.

You can validate the emotion without having to take it on.

If you are on a special food program for health, no one can force you to eat a piece of cake. The choice is yours.

No one can force you to take on their emotions.

Acknowledge the emotion, but always act, or walk away, with love.

Just as a child having a tantrum, will stop, if ignored, and try something different, your reactions can change how people behave around you.

Call in your Angels when you feel under emotional attack. They will help you see the truth of the situation and act accordingly.


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