The Challenge of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is a challenge. The harder you try, it seems, the more obstacles are thrown your way.

This does not mean that you have failed. It means that the magic is working! You are succeeding in moving the old patterns and stuck energies around you!

They are coming to the surface to be released. If you see them as a sign of your failure, they will remain with you.

When you see something you are trying to overcome stare you in the face, take a breath and say thank you!

Then let it go. You  needn't be bothered with it anymore!

There will come a point where you hardly notice these energies anymore. Your mountains will become tiny pebbles that you walk over and don't give a second thought.

Don't give up when things get rough! Stand your ground and release the energies that no longer serve you.

You are not a victim, you are a light worker and a light warrior!

Shine up your armor and stand tall!


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