The Darkness is Coming

The ancients knew how important it was to value time. They were vulnerable to the elements, harsh winters, flooding, and drought. If the seasons were unkind, famine and disease. They celebrated the specific times of year that corresponded to the cosmic wheel. 

They learned to follow the cycles of the stars, planets, Sun, and Moon that governed their Earthly journey. They respected these cycles and seasons and honored the eight transitions, or Sabbats, of the year: Yule (Winter Solstice), Imbolc, Ostara (Spring Equinox), Beltane, Litha (Summer Solstice), Lughnasadh, Mabon (Autumnal Equinox), and Samhain.

As the wheel of time continues on, we welcome the celebration of “Lughnasadh”. To the ancients this was known as the first harvest. They honored the Irish-Gaelic “god of light” Lugh, who was very prominent in this region's mythology. 

He was a warrior, a craftsman, and a king. He was also associated with law and order and well known for wielding a fiery spear that could strike with the force of lightning. 

His Roman and Greek correspondences are Hermes and Mercury. 

Many cultures in the northern hemisphere honored the first harvest throughout the month of August. August 1 has been adopted as the most popular. It is known as the halfway point between the Summer Solstice and Autumnal Equinox. Those who celebrate the first harvest, or Lughnasadh, are assembled to feast on the first grains of the season. 

Half of the grains and corn harvested would be used to prepare breads and baked goods. The other half would be stored as seeds for planting the following Spring.

This is a powerful celebration!

They know that the energy of the Sun is starting to recede in the sky. The people acknowledge that the darkness of Winter will soon be upon them. 

They assemble in joy and gratitude, enjoying the last few weeks of warmth. They share with one another the bounty of their harvest. They celebrate the energy of the Sun and fruits of the fertile Goddess. Their labor has paid off.

Working towards the harvest is a daily effort that must be put forth.  

Really take that in.

To commemorate the season of Lughnasadh here are some ideas for you:

  • Mindful eating by taking your time and appreciating your food. Think about where that food comes from and how long it actually takes to grow from seed to harvest.
  • Eat clean with fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. Even though we live in the age of processed and fast-food, take time to nourish your body with high vibration foods. Your body will respond favorably to this energy frequency by boosting your mood, reducing fatigue, and aligning you with the Earth’s energy. 
  • Practice gratitude with meditation and affirmations. Send your love out into the Universe, with great respect for what you have, instead of what you are lacking.
  • Make corn husk dolls with your little ones to decorate your home. This is an easy and fun way to share the Sabbat with your loved ones. This keeps little hands busy and the imagination flowing.
  • Decorate your altar or sacred space with yellow, orange, red, and gold. This corresponds to grains and corn. The colors of rebirth, fertility, and life are dwindling down, while colors of harvest are becoming more prominent.
  • Bake bread and offer the first slice to Lugh. Create a special space outdoors if you can. This is ideal for offerings. A special herb or flower garden, a tree stump, or a rock garden will do. Tap into your creative genius and let your Angel guide you.

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Renee is a gifted astrologer, empath, holistic nutritionist, and certified Reiki Master-Teacher. Her spiritual quest began before she was a teenager, and has lead to many metaphysical studies. Her passion is not only to practice and teach Reiki, but to educate and counsel individuals to honor, understand, and evolve through the ancient art of astrology. Renee views the natal chart as a metaphorical fingerprint that highlights each person's uniqueness and how each one contributes to the whole. In addition to natal charts, Renee also loves counseling couples on compatibility, and doing children's charts. This helps parents understand their child in a different sense that can lead to better support and growth.

Her interest in the metaphysical had lead her to working with Oracle. At the age of 16 she had learned how to decipher and interpret Tarot cards and ancient Runes. Using this method, as well as channeling and using her empathic gifts, can help to support and guide you on your journey.

Renee graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science in 2012, and has since worked with over 700 clients by educating to better nutrition, as well as supporting healthy weight loss, and weight management. Her holistic approach is what is incredibly empowering to her clients, and promises long term results.

Renee is a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui-Tibetan, Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki modalities and is facilitating our Reiki Circle on the first Tuesday of every month from 7-9pm. Renee is also now an ordained minister.

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