The Darkness Within

The past two months have left many who call themselves Lightworkers to put their hands over their ears and say, “Lalalalala I can’t hear you!”

What they do not want to hear is that the people they don’t agree with spiritually and politically are reflections of their own darkness.

Ignoring this issue just perpetuates the problem.

When someone disagrees with you, you feel it most strongly when it tugs at the darkness inside of you. That feels uncomfortable and the action of some is to turn away and avoid it as much as possible.

Until you heal that part of yourself, you will always be triggered by the issues brought out in the behavior and words of others.

When this happens, ask your Angels to show you why you feel that way. Don’t be shocked at what you see, but rather, ask for healing.

When you are healed, the same situations will motivate you to take positive action rather than to complain about it.

That is the Angelic way and the way of the Lightworker.

Instead of running away from my darkness, I learn from it and explore it in ways that inform, entertain and never harm.

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