The Day of the Dragon

Alexandra and I are calling today, 'The Day of the Dragon'! Electronics were acting wonky and confusion reigned supreme. You Empaths may have felt emotions ranging from anger...fear...frustration...and even to feeling like you want to pull the covers over your head and never resurface.
The Angel Anael reassured me that this is part of the clearing and resetting process. If you take the time to work through disagreements, you will find it is an opportunity to release old patterns in your life which have given you grief. Stay in the Love vibration as you do so and you will move through it, emerging as the best version of yourself. Today was day one of a three day energy flow. Kudos to you if you did it all today!
Daena has a technique given to her by the Angel Azrael to assist you to Transmute these energies quickly. Azrael is the Angel who helps with transitions, so as you move from the old 3-D thinking into the 5-D, you might want a little help. Call to book a time with her. 321-506-1143.

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