The Empath’s Addiction to the Cycle of Violence

Sometimes people have the habit of constantly leaving but circling back to their toxic partner. Others may find themselves not just going back but picking the same type of person every time a new relationship opportunity is presented. Or they choose to continue a relationship with a toxic family member regardless of the hurt and disappointment.

It is important to accept and forgive everyone involved and start healing. Forgive yourself, forgive them, and remember that forgiveness is most important for ourselves to heal and that letting go of that anger will also release you from that toxic burden you carry.

It is important to raise your vibration and developing the ability to stay in an Angelic state. You can start that journey by taking the Stress Relief for the Spiritual Seeker Course.

Meditation and getting close with your spiritual self is critical! When you connect with others on the same path to enlightenment as you, there is no describing how peaceful and beautiful it is. Sharing with others who are going through similar situations is incredibly powerful as you watch each other grow, get happy, and strong! These individuals become your soul family! Feed your soul by learning to listen to what it needs!

So how do you get out of a toxic cycle of going back to the one who drops you on your ass just to pick you up and do it all over again?

Start a romance with yourself. It might sound a little strange or hard. Everything new is a little strange until you open your mind and learn everything you are capable of doing.

Does your ego need a challenge? I felt when I was in a toxic situation, I could help, change, or save someone. I would feel a sense of failure when my challenge failed! Do you value your worth based on other's behavior? Growing up in a toxic family dynamic, I definitely got into that pattern of doing so! It will always fault!

Why? Because you can’t change someone.

They are on their own path that they have decided to go on and change only happens from within. The challenge for your ego now is huge because you will have to accept the choices you make, belong to you and no one else. Allow yourself to open your mind and learn some healing lessons.

How do you start a romance with yourself? First, decide what you are wanting to be passionate about. Dancing for example. Create a romance with dancing. Embrace and find excitement in the challenges that comes from your new romance. Get excited about your accomplishments. You will be creating a healthy habit and be on the road to being in angelic state versus when you were in a toxic artificial “happy” high.

Having hard time focusing because of your current toxic situation? Imagine watching a movie and you are in this movie dealing with a child. Picture the child in great detail.The tantrums, the outbursts, jealousy, hurtful words, and harmful actions.

Watch as you are patient, firm, and put your boundaries in place. You teach the “child” how to treat you. If you are not ready to leave the relationship, this mindset will help you push through until you are ready!

Remind yourself every morning and every night about the young soul you have decided to keep your energy around. Reality will set in that it’s time to get help or leave because you are not the "mother" and that person is not your "child". In fact, you are enabling them and robbing them of their lessons they need to learn that is a part of their own journey.

Beautiful, empath, you could be harming someone by allowing their behavior to continue and not taking steps to leave and teach!

Write a romance that goes along with your journey, give him or her a name, describe what they look like, smell like, and feel like! Pour passion into your writing and be specific!

You are not only creating a healthy habit, you are manifesting!

Be the warrior in your story. Release anger and blame of others as well as yourself! Think of these people as precious lessons. Before you know it you are getting closer to freedom from toxicity.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming blogs, cord cutting, positive mantras, shadow work, and more!

National Domestic Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233


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Being a survivor of Domestic abuse, Kristi has learned how to empower herself and others with the help of the Angels. She is a Powerful Empath, who knows how to assist you into your new normal of a peaceful and drama free life of joy.
Kristi is a strong empath who has managed to spread her wings from the ashes, completing her transition into her true, most powerful form: a Phoenix.
As a child, she has always had imaginary friends, vivid dreams, while struggling from intense bouts of sadness and anxiety.
She is a survivor of munchausen by proxy and of domestic abuse and has used these experiences to empower herself to inspire and transform the lives of others through her readings.
She understands that empathy is not a curse but a gift. She connects with nature and others’ guides and angels. Through her readings, she hopes to help others find their inner power and self-love, and encourage anyone willing to take a leap into new chapters in their book of life.
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