The Four Agreements Part 3 Don't Make Assumptions

An assumption is an attempt to tell the future, based on knowledge and past experience. When we assume, we refuse to look beyond the issues of the past and thus create limitations on our future endeavors.

If our ancestors had decided that man would never break the bonds of gravity, there would be no planes, or rocket ships. Athletes of the past dropped their assumptions of limitation and broke the four-minute mile in running and scored perfect 10s in gymnastics.

The most common assumptions we make have huge consequences in our daily lives.

We can hurt our relationships when we assume that our friends, families and partners, will never change or grow, or that they will behave as others who hurt us in the past. A mathematically gifted girl, may be encouraged to take home economics because, “girls aren't good at math.” A boy who loves to dance may be enrolled in a sports program because, “dancing is for girls.” We may decide that we will never be fit because every diet we have tried has failed, or stop singing because we don't sound like our favorite pop stars.

We set the bar very low when we assume and we block ourselves from the greatness that is our birthright.

The past is a wonderful education. It shows us what was successful and what failed. While we can use that education to start building a better future, we need to think beyond the limits of those failures and start dreaming of miracles yet to be created.

Most of the successful people we admire, were much like us in the past. They faced rejections and failures and worked “day jobs,” before making it big. They started out like we did, but they chose to break away from assumptions and old limitations and dream bigger.

The only way to assure yourself of failure is not to try. People often achieve great success, despite seemingly impossible odds. They turn “I can't” into “Just watch me!”

As the new thought movement has become more mainstream, people are beginning to realize that they have the ability to manifest their desires with thought and intent. Of course, action is required as well, but the process begins with a thought.

The key to manifestation, is to keep your vibration high and believe that you can achieve your goal. If you set a lofty goal (“I will make a million dollars this year.”) but you spend your time worrying over your bills and unexpected expenses, you will likely manifest more bills and unexpected expenses. So you, with your assumption of imminent failure, have manifested exactly what you were thinking about, rather than what you actually want. If you think of all the great experiences your new found wealth will bring you, and follow your guidance to take action on your dreams, you will more likely reach that goal.

The truth is, that this present moment is a blank canvas. Why paint a picture you have already painted and didn't like?

Play with your paints like a child. Get excited! Let your imagination run wild and allow yourself to feel the emotional bliss of having what you dream of! Know that you are a co-creator with Divine Source and you can do anything you can think of!

Let go of your assumptions and let them grow into positive beliefs and self confidence that you can not only have all you want, but that you deserve it.

While you should not expect others around you to change, you can entertain the belief that they might.

A significant other, while they might not share an interest with you might enjoy seeing how happy a new hobby or change in career makes you. The previously uninterested spouse, might start buying you paintbrushes to use in your art class. A friend who sees the new light in your eyes, might watch your kids so you can learn ballroom dance. People around you may surprise you and become allies, rather than impediments in your life, offering encouragement when you were expecting ridicule.

Give yourself the opportunity to try new things. While you may not become a bestselling author, opera singer or CEO, you can enrich your life with knowledge and new enjoyable experiences. And then again, you just might succeed. Set your goals and play with the idea that you are magic.

The only assumption you need make is that you can do it!

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