The Goddess and Polarity

We are living in highly polarized times. You can hardly, glance at your social media pages without being pulled into the drama.

It is easy to look at others and see where they are being unreasonable and unloving. It can be harder to turn the same lens on yourself.

As the Divine Feminine/Goddess energy returns, this polarity is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. She will not tolerate her children fighting among themselves.

We are given a choice: We can face the unhealed parts of ourselves and work on them, or we can wait until some catastrophic even forces a planetary "get along" shirt upon us.

As the veil lifts, it will become increasingly harder to see ourselves as separate and if we want to stay in duality, it will be very hard and unpleasant work. Some will be up to the task as a few always are, but why struggle when you can enjoy peace.

To learn more about Goddess energy, join Jinn for a class and guided meditation to meet the Goddess. The Faces of the Goddess class will start at 7:00 tonight 7/20 at Angels Oasis.

See you there!



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