The Job You Want, The Life You Want

There is a saying that you should “dress for the job you want.”

Good advice, as it sends out the vibration that you want to return to you.

You can take this a step further and behave as if you have the life you want. This doesn’t mean spend like a millionaire if you only have ten dollars in the bank, but find the thing that you can afford that makes you feel the most prosperous and do that thing: a bubble bath, a glass of wine or a trip to the beach, perhaps.

If you want peace on Earth then walk as though there is no fear on this planet. Greet everyone you encounter as though they are friends. Smile and say, “Hello!”

Decide what you want and try it on for size. Then enjoy that feeling as your Angels clear away the blocks and disbelief so that it comes easily to you.

Dress for the life you want.

My little friend Brie wants to be a movie star, so that’s how she dresses.

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