The Lions Gate Portal is Opening!

Each year on August 8th we celebrate the Lions Gate portal shining down upon us and opening our hearts to strength and courage! In ancient times the star Sirius was known to many civilizations as Earth’s Spiritual Sun. This star is the brightest in the sky and resides in the sign of Cancer, visible to the Northern Hemisphere during certain times of the year. While the Sun’s traveling through the constellation of Cancer from June 21-July 21 Sirius’ light is blocked to Earth by our own Sun’s light. Once it enters Leo and moves away from Sirius it begins to depict a perfect alignment that opens a gateway of powerful energy. This is a compilation of intense angelic energy, astrological, and numerological factors all synchronizing to empower us and our Ascension to Higher Consciousness.

Egyptians and Mayans celebrated July 26 as the planetary New Year, as the Gatekeepers to the magnificent portal reveal themselves in the heavens. These Gatekeepers were known in ancient texts as the “Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow” marking a cosmic, spiritual, and planetary shift. The Angels are here to assist those who are truly ready for this Awakening to Embody their Purpose and are showing us what we need to see to prepare. This can be uncomfortable, as we are feeling old emotions come up that resembles heaviness of sludge and muck. The Universe is showing us what needs to change within us so we can learn from it, heal, and clear it with gratitude. The Serpent of Rebirth cannot emerge until it sheds its own skin, that which it has outgrown.

Most notably in Egyptian culture this marked the time of year that the Nile would rise, and as the Sun lined up perfectly with the Royal Star of Sirius, it also aligned perfectly to the Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Giza. On August 8th this energetic activity reaches its peak, with the Gateway closing on August 12th. This was not only a spiritual portal that signified Ascension of Consciousness, but great earthly bounty as the rising waters of the Nile would initiate a cycle of rebirth, replenishing the land with fruitfulness and life.

Light Codes of Mastery and DNA recoding is being transmuted through the starlight tunnel of transformation. As the sun is currently in Leo, a powerful sign of creativity, boldness, heart, and pride it is represented by the mighty Lion. And as each sign has a corresponding planet that shares energy, for Leo it is the Sun. The Sun represents life, empowerment, strength, and vitality. As this shift occurs it will be showing us how to elevate ourselves spiritually to the next level.

In numerology the number “8” holds the vibrational frequency of power, self-confidence, success, wealth, and authority.  When you turn the number “8” horizontally it depicts the infinity symbol. In   mathematics this symbol was referred to as “lemniscate,” with Greek and Latin roots that translates to “ribbons.” In mysticism the “ouroboros’ is the infinity symbol of a snake eating its own tail that represents immortality, self-fertilization, and eternal return.

Transitioning is not easy, and for each of us it will be different. We are shifting out of our history and into our power. We must sort through the murky details that have been weighing us down and release them to step into our power by taking it back. This is a portal that opens us to change, breaking through, and surrendering to our highest essence of being.

Please join us on Thursday, August 8th at Angels Oasis in downtown Cocoa Village from 7-9p for a special channeling event with Morgana Starr and Daena Deva, featuring Crystal Sound Bath by Gypsy. Morgana and Daena will be tapping directly into the Lions Gate Portal interpreting and sharing the Light Codes as they enter our atmosphere. Tickets for this event can be purchased at the door or on Facebook (seating is limited). Option to attend remotely via Facebook private group is available.

Written by Resident Astrologer and Angelic Reader Renee Masse


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