The Lionsgate Portal

The Lionsgate Portal is open! 

If your Spiritual gifts have been opening already, even more new downloads, insights and abilities are being presented to you if you wish to accept them.

This amazing alignment between the Earth, the sun and the star Sirius, happens yearly and gives us an opportunity to step into our power and grow as channels of Divine energy.

Why would this amazing event happen at a time when we are experiencing multi-planet retrogrades? Wouldn't that diminish the energetic upgrades?

The answer is no, and this is one of the ideas that we must get past in order to step into our full power. 

This may seem like a time of darkness, and it is. But the darkness is not our enemy, our pattern of running from it is. 

Our darkness is like an unread library. Huge amounts of knowledge waiting to be uncovered. If we go into it like the student who just wants a passing grade, we will struggle and quite often fail to "do our homework." Life might feel like a compulsory class that we never wanted to take.

If we approach it like an adventurer or seeker of knowledge, it can be much more pleasant. 

As this type of learner, we go in with our eyes open. We scan each new room or underground cavern. We are alert to the dangers hidden in the shadows and illuminate them to see that they were not as dangerous as we imagined. We look for the glints of light in the corner of the eye that show us where our golden treasure lies.

Deep wounds and fears may come to the surface. You can use the new energies to uncover and heal them. 

Past pain and injury will confront us in life. We must face them head on and be willing to work through our pain. You do not have to be perfect to pass the Divine light to those around you. As it passes through you, you just might find yourself feeling better. 

The light, the darkness and all of the grays and rainbows in between are gifts from Divine source. 

In your darkness hides, knowledge, passion and power. This can  be harnessed for healing and used to make the world a better place. 

The Gate is open! You can stumble through it blindly, or you can march forward with your eyes open and accept the generous gifts the Universe is offering you now. 

Humanity has passed a point of no return. Those who choose to live in the past and continue to embrace old "truths," patterns and energies will go through great struggles at this time.

You have come so far! Dig deep and find your courage! Heaven or Hell awaits you. We have struggled for centuries to bring Heaven to Earth. Now it is time to raise the Earth to the level of Heaven.

Are you ready?


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