The Loving Art of Disengagement

Ego tells us we must always act when we are "attacked" or "offended."

We are often convinced that we are just standing up for ourselves or declaring where our boundaries lie.

This is often not the case, as the supposed attack is often a cry for help, or posturing to hide fear and insecurity.

If you are in physical danger, or being unfairly treated, then by all means, speak up. Otherwise, listen.

You can learn a lot by remaining neutral while others are arguing, or staying calm when someone is yelling at you.

Their anger is looking for a place to go. When you react to it, you give it importance and volunteer to take it on.

You can energetically shield yourself, (the Pyramid of Protection works great for this) and calmly allow the person to vent their emotions.

When you choose not to engage, the emotion cannot be transferred, and must instead be transmuted or healed.

The other person will usually see that their behavior is unacceptable and will either calm down, or walk away.

If they walk away, it is not your responsibility to follow them. Learning not to take on another person's energy is one of the most important skills a lightworker can have.

It does not demonstrate a lack of empathy, but rather a genuine desire to be a conduit of healing.

You are not abandoning the other person, but rather setting a great example. Let go of what is not yours and embrace the beautiful Divine energy that belongs to you.

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