The Most Offensive Words

The most offensive phrase we can ever utter is "I can't."

It is offensive to your very soul. When you say it you insult the spark of Divine essence within you that gives you life and creates your experience on Earth.

Of course, the Divine Source holds no judgement and won't be offended, but the power of those words places a limit on you that should not exist.

There are a lot of limits that society has agreed upon to create this school of Earth. We have to deal with gravity, solidity and the need for air, water and food to exist.

Most of us will never challenge these limits, but legendary tales exist (remember a certain "walking on water" story?).

While it is not necessary to fly or live on air, we unnecessarily add additional limits to our existence.

"I can't meditate."

"I can't stop smoking."

"I can't do math."

And so forth.

Are you truly motivated to do these things, or are you afraid that you will fail if you try? If you don't try, failure is guaranteed, but, of course, you have already stated that and made it a reality.

Here's a thought:

Why not use that powerful manifestation ability of yours to create a reality you want?

What is the worst that could happen?

You might struggle with walking on water, but you might learn to do a mean salsa, write poetry or run a marathon.

Every great success story started as a thought or dream.

"I can't" stops you dead in your tracks.

"I can" opens doors you never knew existed.

Yes, you can!


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