The "New" Children

If you currently have young children, you have a rare opportunity. You have the chance to change the future for the better.

Of course, there is only so much influence you can have. Your children are free to make their own choices and eventually will live independently from you. Their independence is a sign that you have done your job.

What you can do, is lead by example, and allow them to lead as well. When your child talks about invisible friends, past lives or the people that live in the trees, listen. Ask them to elaborate and show interest in what they say. 

Live your truth and be mindful that your words and actions are in alignment. 

Many spiritual teachers "lost" their natural abilities as children when they were silenced and ridiculed. They had to struggle to bring them back. Can you imagine how much easier it would have been for them if they had been supported when they were learning and gently guided to understand what they were seeing? 

This is not about spoiling children. This is about teaching respect by modeling it and allowing for open imagination which leads to spiritual growth.

It is time to learn from the souls who remember Heaven because they were just there. In return, we can teach them how to live on Earth.

Together, we can bring Heaven to Earth.

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