The Other Side of Retrogrades

Right now there are five planets currently in retrograde - Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Later this week Venus will be turning back to direct and Neptune will turn retrograde. 

Retrogrades happen quite often throughout the year. Usually people experience their fair share of frustrations during retrogrades, flexing their involuntary control issues. However, these periods are actually quite beneficial if approached properly. 

So, what if you were born under a retrograde?

The truth is that it is more rare to be born while all planets are in direct motion versus being born under a planet being in retrograde. Many people are born under a retrograde and probably do not realize it, or the effects it can have on one’s life.

Retrograde, or Rx, is a term used for planets that take on the appearance for slowly coming to a stop and moving backwards in the sky. Planets do not ever really slow down, stop, or move backwards.

Orbits are in truth always in forward motion, however the effect of retrograde on our planet can have strong effects.This is based on the direct angle of the Earth and its relationship to the planet turning Rx. Retrogrades are a crucial time of reflection, and delayed action.

It is the planet’s way of signaling that it is time to slow down. Depending on the characteristics of the planet, it will dictate which aspect of your personality it will affect.

For example, Mercury is the planet of communication, thoughts, ideas, contracts, and technology. Therefore, during rx it has a pronounced effect on our abilities to communicate and interpret our thoughts and ideas. Typically creating obstacles and misinterpretations. 

It is recommended not to enter into any contract you cannot easily get yourself out of. Technology is known to be unreliable.

If you were born under a retrograde you may have certain personality traits affected. That retrograde in your birth chart is also an indicator of past life issues that are needing to be resolved.

For example, being born under a Venus rx. It means that in a past life you may have been kept from seeking out what you truly desire. Events may have taken place that kept you from someone you loved. This loss could still be affecting you in this life.

It may translate that in this life you feel incapable of developing a meaningful and long-lasting relationship. Romantic relationships in this life may be lacking something that you cannot quite figure out. You may feel challenged connecting to your own self-worth and creating financial stability.

If you do fall in the category that so many do, and have a retrograde in your birth chart, then awareness is a great start to clearing any attached karma. I usually help natives to Venus retrograde focus on what true happiness means to them, practice specific meditations. Cultivate self-love!

Sometimes diving into retrogrades and their connection to past lives can surface emotional wounds and challenges. This is the first step to healing. 

Once I determine and evaluate the positions of the retrograde planets in your birth chart, "Past Life Regression" sessions with Morgana Starr are highly recommended. It is a truly remarkable way to conquer past life issues and cut cords to the karmic attachments that are holding us back in this life.

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Renee Masse is a gifted astrologer, empath, holistic nutritionist, and certified Reiki Master-Teacher. Her spiritual quest began before she was a teenager, and has lead to many metaphysical studies. Her passion is not only to practice and teach Reiki, but to educate and counsel individuals to honor, understand, and evolve through the ancient art of astrology. Renee views the natal chart as a metaphorical fingerprint that highlights each person's uniqueness and how each one contributes to the whole. In addition to natal charts, Renee also loves counseling couples on compatibility, and doing children's charts. This helps parents understand their child in a different sense that can lead to better support and growth.
Her interest in the metaphysical had lead her to working with Oracle. At the age of 16 she had learned how to decipher and interpret Tarot cards and ancient Runes. Using this method, as well as channeling and using her empathic gifts, can help to support and guide you on your journey.
Renee graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science in 2012, and has since worked with over 700 clients by educating to better nutrition, as well as supporting healthy weight loss, and weight management. Her holistic approach is what is incredibly empowering to her clients, and promises long term results.
Renee is a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui-Tibetan, Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki modalities and is facilitating our Reiki Circle on the first Tuesday of every month from 7-9pm. Renee is also now an ordained minister.

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