The Power of Attitude

With great power, there is often challenge and a learning curve.

A bicycle has some power and is fairly easy to learn once you have mastered walking and balance. It will get you around town, but probably won’t get you to the next town or state.

A car has more power and there are many things that must be learned for your own safety and for the safety of others.

A large truck would have more challenge, a rocket still more.

Your emotions and attitude have rocket power! Master them and you can achieve anything.

This is why the Universe sometimes throws you a curve ball. A bit of challenge teaches you how to steer your ship. That way you can make it to the moon and beyond.

If you take a breath and view a troubling situation as a challenge and focus on the lessons you will learn and the experience you will get as you overcome it, the Universe says, “Wow, she likes this happy feeling13269256_10209412025080063_5029622784676411000_n! I guess that’s what she wants more of.”

When the hills feel to high to climb, ask your Angels to give you a “lift.” They are always happy to help keep you on track and enjoying life.

Now go and use your power wisely!

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