The Power of Emotion

From childhood, we are taught to suppress our emotions.

"Big girls don't cry! Don't get angry with me!" etc.

We bring this practice into adulthood and end up in bad relationships, dead end jobs and in the doctor's office.

Emotions are the language of the soul. They are communication without words. We can feel the emotions of others in a form of telepathy. Emotions connect us to the Divine and show us our spiritual gifts.

While you cannot have a tantrum or cry every time you feel overwhelmed, you can turn that energy into productive action, like cleaning the house when you are angry or taking a walk or run.

You can channel those emotions into art or music, writing or dance.

Emotions don't need to be suppressed, but they need to be addressed and understood. The more you accept and process your emotions, the less they will affect your daily life

Feel it so you can heal it. Get rid of the fear and make more room in your heart for love.

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