The Power to Create

We are here on Earth to be co-creators. Using the energy of Divine source to create in a three dimensional environment.

Many people get sick or depressed because they don't create.

They feel that creating is a job for the artists and musicians. Because they feel their work doesn't meet a certain, defined standard, they don't bother to try in the first place.

Are you afraid to create? You must not be because you are already doing it. You create the day that you are going to have, the cup of coffee you fix in the morning, the delicious dinner you end your day with.....not to mention, the song you sing in the shower and the doodles you draw while on the phone.

Creation is your birthright and you are always creating something whether you like the result or not.

Why not consciously create, just for you, just for fun. Be in the moment, dance to a song in your living room. Write down a phrase in your head to be part of a poem or story. Imagine the type of day you will have and have fun comparing your actual day to your vision. If it doesn't match up, try again tomorrow, and put a little more love into it!

Whatever you choose, enjoy it. Creation is one of the great gifts of a human life.

Don't waste it.

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