The Whitewater of Life

If you signed up to take a rafting ride and the water was calm and the scenery never changed, you would, likely, be disappointed.

You signed up for the excitement! You wanted to see and experience different things! You wanted to feel the adrenaline rush and the triumph over danger as the water got rough!

If you had wanted a boring, uneventful life, you would have not chosen to come to Earth.

Change and the excitement it brings are part of the Earth school process of learning. You cannot stop change, but you can control the way you approach it.

If you did sign up for the rafting ride, would you spend the trip cowering in the bottom of the tiny boat? Of course, not!

You would grab your paddle and smile in anticipation for the next batch of whitewater or bend in the river.

You would conserve your strength in the calm water and re-access your performance so that you could do better in the next whitewater session.

In the same way, you can "grab your paddle," and be in control of how you steer your life. Do you want to be the cowering victim? Or the excited adventurer?

Change will come and change is not a bad thing. Imagining change to be all bad can cause you stress. Know that change is normal. Know that you have the resources to deal with it.

Learning to enjoy life's "whitewater" experiences can help you to appreciate and find true peace in the "calm" water. Once you have mastered this skill, nothing can stop you from achieving the life of your dreams.

In fact, your whole life is a dream. You can chose to have a fun, lucid one or a night terror. It is up to you!


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