Three Steps to Surviving Mercury Retrograde- Part 2: Slow down

I have learned to always take it slow during Mercury Retrograde.

We tend to run through our lives, trying to race to the weekend, next vacation or some magical end goal that must be just around the next corner.

Mercury Retrograde can hit us like a lasso around the waist, pulling us backward and causing great pain if we struggle against it.

If we let go and allow the backward motion, it will still happen, but our comfort level will increase. To “go with the flow” means following the changing currents.

This slowing down is like re-reading and editing a piece of writing. It allows us to correct our mistakes and create a better final product.

Don’t fight the current. Your Angels will not allow you to drown.

Like a marathon runner, you should pace yourself and allow your body to recover a bit so that you can cross the finish line.

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