Three Steps to Surviving Mercury Retrograde- Part three: Eyes Wide Open

The energy of Mercury Retrograde can feel like a dragon, preparing to strike, yet dragons can be friends and protectors if you allow them to be. Pay attention to the lessons that repeat themselves. You will soon find yourself riding the dragon with joy!

Have you ever gone on a trip and been in a hurry? You saw major sights and obvious landmarks and assumed that you saw everything.

Then you go back, in less of a rush, and you see a thousand other little details and things that you missed the first time. The experience changes, and you enjoy it even more.  Mercury Retrograde forces us to take this second look.

This is where the power and magic of Mercury Retrograde happens. What you look at and learn will fade away. What you ignore, will continue to come back, stronger each time until you learn the lesson.

Take charge and look at what is happening around you. Resist the urge to be the victim. Become the detective who digs into the mystery of why? And solves the case.

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