Three steps to surviving Mercury Retrograde- Step One: Be Prepared

Mercury Retrograde can be a bumpy ride. Daena and I are prepared for the trip. Are you?

While surprises can be fun, they can also add stress to our lives.

You wouldn’t wait until the last minute to plan an elaborate party or walk onto a battlefield unarmed.

Knowing that things may be chaotic and unpredictable, you can allow extra time to finish projects, leave for work a few minutes early, and get things ready in advance.

Like a trained dancer, you can rise above, leap over and gracefully skirt around the challenges that Mercury Retrograde brings.

While in meditation, ask your Angels where your problem areas lie. Then you can develop a strategy to overcome them.

With a bit of Angelic assistance you can turn, “OMG!” into, “I have an app for that!”


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