Three Ways Jealousy Can Hurt You (and how you can prevent them)

The biggest stress that most people have is not being good enough.

Not good enough as a person, an employee, a parent or child.

If we all had equal expertise in all areas of life, the world would run like a well-oiled machine. Everyone would be competent and average. It would also be incredibly boring.

In nature, there are trees that grow best in tropical climates, fruits and berries that taste sweetest when they ripen following a cold, snowy winter.

A polar bear would perish in the wilds of Africa and a gorilla would not last long in the Arctic.

Nature knows that variety provides strength. There are creatures with feathers and creatures with fins. Each excels at survival when in its proper element.

As part of the natural world, we are no different. Some of us are best suited to working with numbers. Some are healers, some create works of art or make beautiful music.

While it is fine to admire the work of another, envying that individual can hurt you.

How can a feeling cause you harm?

First of all, it takes you out of your element. Imagine a dolphin jealous of an eagle in flight, beaching herself on the sand in a failed attempt to imitate the great bird.

Second, it rips away the confidence and self-esteem that are key to a successful endeavor. You may fail at the task and feel that it reflects badly on you as a person. You may feel that others are mocking you behind your back. You begin to lose trust in people. Now think of that dolphin floating aimlessly in the water, forgetting how to swim because she has lost all confidence in her abilities.

Third, it robs the world of your special gifts. You came to this world with a unique set of talents and spiritual gifts. The world is a smaller, less magical place without your contribution. What if all of the dolphins stopped swimming and dancing upon the waves. If they stopped singing their beautiful songs and sending out the healing vibrations that have been shown to be therapeutic to people who have serious disease or children with special needs.

Variety is the spice of life. A meal without spice is bland and tasteless. It will sustain your life, but won't make your mouth water and elicit a sigh of delight. If you feel that you don't measure up where you are, find a new element.

Look for a new niche, take up a hobby, research a topic on the internet that you have always been drawn to.

When you find your strength, pay attention to it. Feed it and nurture it. Don't try to be the best, try to do YOUR best.

When you do this, you will find that the path you take will be your happiness. You will have no need to compete with others. Even in a similar field of interest, you will have your own special skill that no one else can quite duplicate.
The person you envy, might just be envying you.

Hopefully not. We all do better and prosper when we work together.

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