Time to Be Proactive

Humanity is growing up. 

Like individual humans, we can deal with this one of two ways. 

Resist all change and do what we have always done, or try new things, take on adult responsibility and enjoy new rights and privileges. 

We can be like the immature twenty year old who plays video games in the basement, or venture out into the world and see life as a new land to explore. 

Yes, there will be scary things, but there will be beautiful things as well. 

If you lock yourself in the basement, you will never get to see them. Your world view and experiences will be very limited. 

In our current world, people are changing. They are finding out who they are, and that often conflicts with the "norms" of society. Laws change as we grow in knowledge and understanding, hopefully in a way that will benefit all citizens and protect our precious resources.

Change can be scary for some and seem like an answered prayer to others, it all depends on what you have experienced to this point. 

We need to stop reacting and become more proactive and involved in creating our experience. When something happens that disturbs you, ask yourself, "Is it because it is wrong, or  I am perceiving it as uncomfortable?"

If it is the former, use that as a call to action: vote, boycott, write to your elected officials or sign petitions or make changes to your own life. If it is the latter, ask, "Why does this make me uncomfortable? What part of my shadow am I seeing?" Then use it as an opportunity to learn and heal. 

Change will happen. Resistance to change will make it harder and more of a struggle. The Universe knows where you need to go and will guide you there. You can "go with the flow" or exhaust yourself from swimming upstream. 

When you encounter a problem, know that it is a growth opportunity, a gift from Heaven. Open it, use as directed, and don't forget to say, "Thank you!"

For more info on upcoming changes, join us on: Angels Unveiled, this Thursday, June 28th at 8:00 pm


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