Time to Evolve

We all like to reminisce and think back to our youth. You may have had great times.

Younger times, with more energy, less pain and great dreams. All of life's adventures were ahead and the sky was the limit.

Perhaps you come from a line of ancestors who did great things, passing that knowledge on to a new generation.

Our past may be filled with wonder, joy or pain.

You may have had a childhood of poverty, fear and abuse.

What was doesn't matter anymore. What matters is who you are in this moment, and what you choose to do with the resources, strengths and knowledge you have in this moment.

If your past was painful, then how can you change that for yourself and for future generations? 

If your past was joyful, then how can you spread that joy to all those you encounter?

If you come into this life with great knowledge, then how can you use that knowledge to teach others and adapt to the modern world.

The past is a wonderful teaching/learning tool, but if we try to go  back to live there, we become rigid, unable to accept new knowledge and new situations.

We become like the dinosaur bones in a museum: old, dusty relics that cannot survive in the modern world. 

If we adapt, tap into our knowledge and resources, we evolve and grow. 

In times past, cars, airplanes and rockets were considered silly fantasies, but look what we have done with those dreams. 

It is time to dream bigger. To dream a world of peace, love and equality for all of humanity. Where there is food, shelter and happiness for every living being.

The chains of the past have kept us running around in circles of fear. It is time to break those chains and evolve. 

A new world awaits!


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