Time to Review

We have reached the last week of Mercury Retrograde. It is time to review.

This has been (and still is) a very crucial time for release.

Each successive retrograde gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our current path and to see what is working and what isn’t. Don’t look at your successes and pat yourself on the back. Look at where you have had conflicts and hurt feelings and incidents with others and ask what these have to tell you.

With every retrograde, lightworkers are feeling the upward pull as new energies pull the planet into a higher vibration. If you have done your work, this will feel amazing, if you have not, it will be a tough time of transition.

Why choose to carry the heavy baggage when you can release it? A suitcase full of bricks will only weigh you down, and what are the chances that you will need to create a wall?

Give your burdens, worries and problems to your Angels. They can whisk them away faster than light and you will not be troubled with them again.

Let them go! It’s time to fly!

Last week of Mercury Retrograde! Is there anything you still need to release? Time to let it go so you can fly!


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