Toxic Relationships and Empaths

Are you in a toxic relationship? Are you missing old relationships, even though it caused you sadness and pain? Are these relationships passionate and romantic?

Empaths are more powerful than anyone can ever imagine. We do not only feel our own emotions, we feel the intense emotions of others as well.

These emotions can be so intense, we start to crave the passion, the romance, and the adrenaline rush. The craving is further increased when the relationship is toxic. Empaths feel the sadness of others, and they develop a strong desire to change that.

The empath wants to heal or fix the person they are with. Empaths who are in a toxic relationship begin to mirror their abuser. The empath starts to experience some of the same emotions of the abuser, which can include jealousy, anger, and paranoia.

Empaths are very sensitive, so these emotions will make them feel weak, sad, and sick. They start to feel as though they are going crazy.

When the abusers feel like they are losing their grip on the empath, the abuser will lift them up with romance and kindness. When an empath is at such a low point mentally, romance and kindness begin to feel like a high, and the empath begins to crave that high like a drug.

This creates an addiction. Empaths can get addicted to energy. This idea applies to sexual energy as well. When empaths are sexual with someone, it is intense because they feel the sexual energy of the other person as well.

Life can be intense for an empath. It is important for us to stop and ask ourselves, “am I missing the person or the experience?” We must learn to connect with healthy habits and emotions. 

Stop living in pain, sadness and adrenaline fatigue!

Do you want this pattern to stop? Yes, you do!

Let us go on a journey together to continue to be warriors in our own story. Click here for a tool to begin the process of clearing and protecting your energy.

Watch for my next blog coming soon, on steps to create healthy habits/emotions to assist in recovery from an abusive relationship.

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We are victims NO MORE!

Being a survivor of Domestic abuse, Kristi has learned how to empower herself and others with the help of the Angels. She is a Powerful Empath, who knows how to assist you into your new normal of a peaceful and drama free life of joy.
Kristi is a strong empath who has managed to spread her wings from the ashes, completing her transition into her true, most powerful form: a Phoenix.
As a child, she has always had imaginary friends, vivid dreams, while struggling from intense bouts of sadness and anxiety.
She is a survivor of munchausen by proxy and of domestic abuse and has used these experiences to empower herself to inspire and transform the lives of others through her readings.
She understands that empathy is not a curse but a gift. She connects with nature and others’ guides and angels. Through her readings, she hopes to help others find their inner power and self-love, and encourage anyone willing to take a leap into new chapters in their book of life.
Intuitive Psychic Oracle Card Reader.
Specializations include:
Intuitive Oracle Readings
Empowerment Readings
Kids Classes and guidance
Reiki II Practitioner


  • Jessica

    Daily uncovering more about myself. This spoke to me. I feel I have a LOT of growth to do💋

  • Alexis C Montano

    Powerful message! It’s so important to begin the journey of self-awareness so that we can identify our own energy and that of others. It’s not always easy, but the rewards are worth the effort. Boundaries are so necessary for us empaths…would love to hear about your journey with healthy boundaries.

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