True Matriarchy

We see the world around us through the lens of our culture and spiritual upbringing. Deviations from the "norm" are seen as a threat and must be subdued.

This is currently the experience of many who fear the return of the Feminine Divine.

We have never in recent history experienced a true matriarchal society.

Yes, there have been women rulers. Yes, they have also had wars during their reigns, but they do not represent a true matriarchy. They are women ruling in a patriarchal society.

Most matriarchal societies predate recorded history. We only have artifacts to decipher. But as archeologist uncover more ancient civilizations and question what we thought we knew about others, they are discovering a time when women were thought to carry sacred knowledge and were equal to the men of the time.

Both sexes supported each other to achieve a balance of rational and intuitive thinking. They also had a more developed consciousness and probably communed with the Angels as easily as we pick up a cell phone to call a friend.

The Mother energy is returning to Earth. Not to conquer or emasculate, but to gather up her fighting children, bind their wounds and say, "Enough! It's time to play nice!"

As the saying goes, "When Mama's happy, everyone's happy!"

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