Victim to Victory in 4 steps!

Whatever your situation, no matter how unfair it seems, the worst thing you can do is see yourself as a victim.

A victim has no power. If you identify with this mindset, you will not likely improve your situation.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't reach out and help those in need when you can. To do so can help make you feel empowered. 

Here are some things to do to get yourself out of that "victim" mindset:

1.) Take a personal inventory- What are your gifts and talents? Is there a way you can use them to create a better life for yourself? 

2.) Count your blessings- No matter how bad you feel, someone else has it worse. Look around you, even the smallest of things deserve gratitude. Do you live  in a small home? some people  have no homes. Can you take a deep breath? Some cannot do that either. Make a list of little things for which you are truly grateful.

3.)Take responsibility- This doesn't mean it's okay for others to take advantage of you, but own your part. Even if you don't like how that feels, it is empowering to do it. Say, "I didn't do__________," not "I didn't have time," or "I was too tired." You don't have to justify  everything. 

4.) Do everything you can today to improve your life. Don't wait to be rescued. A thousand baby steps will get you much farther than none.

Sometimes being a victim feels safe. It keeps us from having to take responsibility and possibly fail at something. The truth is, it just keeps us stuck and unhappy.

Dolly Parton once said, (in character), "Put down that cross, someone else needs the wood!" 

Yes, it is time to let that thing go. It is heavy and will hurt your back. 

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