Were You Born During Mercury Retrograde?

Well, it looks like we've all made it through the first week of Mercury retrograde! Even though this can be a difficult time for several of us, with lapses in communication, disruption of thought, and even technological difficulties, it is also a great time for self-reflection and planning for the time ahead. This Mercury retrograde is the first of three for 2019, and the current reversal our smallest planet will continue until March 28, before returning to its direct motion.

Most of us are pretty familiar with how Mercury retrograde (Rx) can affect our everyday life and the best course of action to take, or not to take, during these few weeks. These can include avoiding any new commitments, refraining from contracts, and perhaps filtering some of our dialogue (self and otherwise) by slowing down our thought processes. With all that being said, have you given much thought to what kind of effect it would have if you were born during a Mercury retrograde transit?

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, and translates in each person's natal chart as communication, intelligence, expression, ideas, learning, and how we intellectually can pull things apart and put them back together. For those of you who were born during Mercury retrograde (Rx), this can have a significant impact on your communication skills, or how others perceive you, since how you communicate is commonly the first way people will remember you.

Understanding exactly how you will be affected by Mercury Rx in your natal chart includes the examination of its placement within the full spectrum of the zodiac; the 12 signs and 12 houses . In fact, 25% of the population were born during Mercury Rx, and if you were, learning more about this powerful transit can help you understand how your mind works, and enrich your communication skills.

A person born under this planetary aspect can find it difficult to cultivate and articulate their thoughts into words. It is believed that this obstacle can actually be connected to past lives and an inability to reveal a deep and hidden truth. In past lives there may have been strong influences to keep secret your truest thoughts, consequently leading to struggled expression of the self. This can lead to a lack of authenticity leading to superficial communication, that includes some strong emotional components. It can be important for Mercury Rx individuals to develop a creative outlet to express themselves, and since art is a language all in itself, observe components of your environment and how you are expressing yourself. Learning about this in correspondence to the other aspects of your birth chart can demonstrate many elements to your personality, as well as learning and communication skills.

For those who were born during Mercury Rx there are many ways to develop and support healthy expressive growth. Firstly, book a full natal chart reading to gain powerful insight to the layers of your personality and how they interconnect. It is also strongly recommended that if you are looking to clear the karma of past lives to join us for the Melchizedek Method in April for Light Body activation and healing.

Mercury Rx is a great opportunity to promote future growth, whether it is in your natal chart or not. Please contact us for further information regarding readings, classes, and clearings for self-love and development!

Written by Angels Oasis resident Astrologer Renee Masse

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