When Your Psychic Reader is Wrong

So, you recently had a psychic reading. You were told that money, great health and the love of your life were on the way. 

A month later, you are pastue on bills, sick with  the flu and recovering from yet another disastrous date.

Did your reader take you for a ride? That's always possible, there are disreputable people in every profession. 

But, as they say, "It takes two to tango."

Were you listening to the entire reading? Including the part where the reader told you what obstacles were in your way and how to overcome them?

Were you talking more than listening? When you refuse to hear what the reader has to say or even argue with them, they may relent and tell you what you want to hear. No one should leave a reading feeling angry or disempowered. Your guides will usually find a way to sugar coat the message so that you will hear at least part of it and not shut it all out when you are especially stubborn. You will not in that instance get the most accurate or useful reading.

You can spend most of your reading time asking when the love of your life is coming or what your friends are saying behind your back, but that doesn't really guide you in what actions you should take to improve your life.

Better questions to ask:

What can I do to attract more prosperity?

Are there any health issues I should be aware of?

Why have I had so much trouble in my relationships and how do I break those patterns?

Some readers will  even give their clients homework, to ensure that they stay on the most appropriate path for their highest good.

If you do feel uncomfortable  or frightened after a reading, then you might not want to go back to that person, but if you are just  bummed that you didn't win the lottery, you might want to ask yourself if you have been doing your part. 

There are other ways to make money than winning the lottery. 

And at the very least, you have to buy a ticket.  

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