Who You Don't Want to Be

In most rooms in the United States, there is an elephant. He is joined by a donkey and they are locked in battle, neither one giving an inch.

It can be hard to stay out of the fight as many political issues are relevant to our lives.

There are well-meaning, big-hearted people on both sides. We all see things differently depending on our experiences.

Despite this fact, diving into the fray is not a good idea. Particularly for lightworkers.

Of course, you should vote and donate to worthy causes and boycott businesses who do not support your values. But why argue about it?

Each side has made up his mind. No matter how many facts you present, someone else has different information.

So what is the point of arguing? Separation, of course!

Our egos thrive on separation because it justifies their existence.

But how, when people are acting in such a negative way, can you feel connected to them?

One day, as you grow spiritually, you will reach a point where you will simply observe the discord, looking upon it as a puzzle. Not judging, simply observing and not feeling emotionally distressed.

Until then, simply, look to the other person or group and say, "Thank you for showing me what I do not want to be."

There is still some judgment involved at this point, but it is a step in the right direction. It also sets a good example to those around you.

One day you might inspire someone to walk the path of peace and unity.

That is definitely a cause worth not fighting for.



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