Working With Candles

Every year, we light candles on a cake and blow them out to make a wish (manifestation) come true.

The ritual has rules: The candles must be all extinguished in one breath and the wish is kept secret.

This ritual is a simplistic version of rituals that have been used and passed down for millennia.

Before electricity, candles provided light, but even as electricity became easily available, they continued to be used for other purposes.

Even today, they are a regular part of church services, magical rituals and personal use for setting a specific atmosphere in a room or home.

The Angels Oasis is proud to present: Candle Manifestation and Prayers. In this class, you will learn the history of candle use, specific meanings of candle colors and guidelines to design your own candle manifestation ritual.

Join us this Thursday at 7:00 pm, at the Angels Oasis.

See you there!


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