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Divine Insights from Sarah and Archangel Metatron

We have now had five weeks to adjust a new lifestyle that consists primarily of being in our homes. There have been many social media posts about using this time to learn something new, work on goals that were previously set, or grow in some way.

The truth is, we have all been growing whether we have made a conscious effort at it or not. In a short period of time, we have all adjusted to some level of our new normal. We have had good days and bad days and we are still waking up, ready to face whatever is coming our way.

How do you know you are growing? Reflection is an important aspect of growth. So many times, we think it is what we do – actions we take – as being the most important part of growing.  It is important, but without reflection, we cannot see how far we have come.

I encourage you to spend time reflecting where you were in life pre-quarantine and where you are today.

Notice the emotions that come up for you. Peace, contentment, maybe nervousness?

Notice where you feel it in your body. Is it a heavy or a light feeling?

Don’t forget, growth and awakening are not always butterflies and rainbows.  There is pain at times and that is ok.

Now, journal about it. Journal about actions that you have taken, emotions that you feel, and how your body is responding.

Consider adding this practice your week.

When you feel stuck, pull out your reflection journal and see how far you have come. Then take time to pat yourself on your back!

Blog written by Sarah Magnoni of Angels Oasis


Sarah is a certified Reiki Master, professionally trained intuitive life coach, master certified energy practitioner, and   gifted reader.  From a young age, Sarah has seen energies   of those who have passed.  Not understanding what she was seeing, she learned to ask them to leave.  As an adult, her curiosity brought her into Angel’s Oasis.  The energy in the shop, kept her coming back.  When her daughter was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, she found healing in Reiki.  It has remained a core part of Sarah’s self-care.

Sarah combines her readings with her professional training as a coach to not only bring messages to her clients but work with them on blocks in their life that hold them back.  She uses the techniques and tools used in her coach training to help her clients move forward in living a fulfilling life. 

Sarah works directly with Archangel Metatron to bring forth messages to help people navigate the world in a balanced and healthy way.

Sarah’s Cancer astrology energy is evident in her readings and in the shop when she is present.  A natural nurturer and lover of all beings, Sarah loves when her house is full of her family!  Married to her best friend, they have four children, two dogs, two cats, and a hedgehog!

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