You Are the Love You Seek

February has begun and Valentine's Day will soon be upon us.

There is no other holiday on the calendar that evokes such strong emotions.

If you are in a loving relationship, it is a time of joyful celebration, social media posts of romantic dinners and surprise bouquets and declarations of love for all the world to see.

If you are alone it can be a time of painful loneliness and gut-wrenching memories of love lost. You may feel inadequate, unworthy and hopeless.

Magazines, television and movies can make things even worse, giving us an impossible expectation of what love is supposed to be.

Are we less loved than the friend who posted a picture of the dozen red roses that surprised her at her office? Is there something profoundly undesirable about us when we fail to win the heart of the person we have a huge crush on?

“When will I find love?” is one of the most common questions asked by individuals who come in for a psychic reading.

What they are wanting to hear is a specific time and/or place where their future beloved will be delivered by the Universe. Unfortunately for them, the Universe doesn't speak time, it speaks energy.

Their Angels and guides will usually bring in a message of specific self-work that needs to be done so that they can attract their ideal partner.

While their Hollywood movie Prince or Princess may be just around the corner. It is their energy that will determine if connection can me made and if the relationship is sustainable.

Our thoughts and behavior toward ourselves, are what tells the Universe what we want.

Do you want to marry a millionaire but are stuck in poverty consciousness, believing that you cannot have or do not deserve money? Your millionaire match will probably walk by you without a second glance or will tire quickly of your “not enough” attitude.

Do you want someone who will nurture and spoil you, but won't take the time or buy the ingredients to make yourself a healthy meal?

Many relationships fail because people are looking for someone who will do their work for them. Someone whose strengths complement their weaknesses. This will often begin in a whirlwind romance that ends as one or both parties naturally grow and change. The two puzzle pieces that once fit perfectly, have changed shape and their edges no longer match up.

If you find yourself alone on Valentines Day, you have a golden opportunity to show the Universe the exact kind of mate you want to attract.

If you like flowers, buy yourself a pretty bouquet. Take yourself out for a nice dinner. Take a walk along the beach, see a movie, go to a museum or sporting event. Whatever experience you would want another to give to you, give to yourself.
When you are looking for a mate, remember, you are not desperately seeking to fill a position, but carefully and meticulously looking for the most compatible match, one that will benefit both of you.

Don't order a fast food hamburger when what you want is a home-cooked gourmet meal. The Universe is watching and listening. What you request with words and actions will be given. Be sure to place your order carefully.

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