Your Magic Words

The words you use are very important. You hold the Divine Spark of the Creator, within you.

Just as the Divine, spoke the world into existence, so do you create your own reality.

What reality are you creating? What words have you used to create it?

When you have been putting yourself down for most of your life, it can feel awkward to use positive words to describe your life. However, repetition is the key. Persistence is the difference between success and failure.

Start by saying the words. Instead of, "I'm so fat! I'm always broke! I'm a failure!" Say, "I am beautiful! I have more money than I can spend! I am talented, competent and successful!"

At first, you may feel like you're lying, but keep at it. You can ask your guides to tell you why you aren't feeling it and how you can heal that part of yourself.

Eventually, you will not tolerate the negative words and you will feel the truth in the positive ones.

Have a perfect and beautiful day!


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