Your Perfect Career

Many people, during a reading, will ask questions about their careers. Often, they have a passion to fulfill and want to get out of their ordinary day jobs.

“I hate my job!” they say.

This is a very dangerous thing to say when you wish to follow your passion in work as the Universe is very literal.

I didn’t become the “Dragon Queen,” overnight. Before that, there were many “day jobs.” As l learned to love my life and appreciate my job, both got better.Universe is very literal.

“I hate my job!” Says, “Please give me more of this “job hating.” It says, “I don’t want this source of income that pays my bills,” and “Since hating my job is my goal, could I have a job I hate more?”

Furthermore, when you do stumble upon your dream job, you may find that it is not very enjoyable, because you are set up for “job hating.”

If you want to change your situation, find something, no matter how small, to like about your job. Express your gratitude for it. It may be a fun co-worker , a favorite menu item in the cafeteria or a comfortable chair.

Continue to visualize your dream career as you give thanks for the current work situation you are in. Look around your workplace and say, “How can it get better than this?”

Then stand back and allow your Angels to show you.

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