Your Time Has Come

Sometimes, the very best parts of ourselves, we save, like fine china, for a special occasion. You may have an inner knowing that you are a story teller, an artist or intuitive, and yet, you do not share your gifts with the world because the “time” is not right.

If all time is NOW, how can the time ever be wrong?

There are always little pockets of time in your day to fill with your marvelous talents.

Keep a journal handy for writing or art ideas. Sing and dance while you work. If you feel the need to tell someone something important, tell them with love and compassion. Do these things not for the prestige they give you, but for the joy they give to you and the world.

As you do this, you practice, and become more comfortable with your abilities. You increase your expertise, and you experience the joy of Divine co-creation, which is why you have come to Earth.

If you are not sure how to do this, get quiet and close your eyes. Ask your Angels to come in and show you how it feels to be constantly in the beautiful flow of Divine energy. Ask them to help you find little bits of time that lead to bigger bits, that lead to a possible monetary payment.

To be paid for your talents is the ultimate Divine gift. It allows you to continue to create and gives you greater opportunities to share your beautiful light with the world.

What gift can you share with the world right now?

Dressing up and having fun is not just for Halloween. I love to hang out with fun people who don’t wait for a special occasion to express themselves.

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