Your True Love is in the Mirror

The only true love relationship is with yourself. When you love yourself you can bring in a partner who will uplift and complement you.

Too often we pick a person who fills a void in our lives. When they stop filling that void, the relationship fails.

Being in a relationship does not say anything about you as a human being other than that you are in a relationship. It is not a measure of your worth or desirability. Many couples who appear happy are facing struggles and challenges that they do not make public.

If you do not have a romantic partner on Valentine’s Day, then spoil yourself as you would like someone to spoil and pamper you. Self-love is more than looking in a mirror and saying, “I love you!” It is about truly recognizing the genius of your soul to create such a perfect expression of Divine love, that perfectly guides you through all of the lessons your soul longs to learn. So pat yourself on the back and kiss that beautiful face in the mirror, you created yourself exactly as you were meant to be. Perfect in your imperfection as we all are.

If you are struggling to love yourself, ask your Angels to show you what real love feels like. They will always answer when you call and their love is unconditional.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, and love yourself every day!

Don’t feel sad if you are alone on Valentine’s day. Your true love is in the mirror and you are never alone with all of the Angels around you.

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