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A Preacher’s Guide to Heaven

“Why do people go on and on about being sad on the anniversary of their loved one’s death? They spin themselves into a frenzy by their thoughts focusing on their loved one when actually they are focusing on themselves and their own sorrow. They will say things like, I know my loved one is in […]

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A Page From the Life of an Angel Communicator:

Acknowledging the stiffness in his joints, brought on by the chill air, the homeless Veteran hobbled toward the proffered money from my extended hand in traffic. His weathered face lit up in shock with the realization that the anticipated one dollar bill was actually a twenty! So profuse was his gratitude and excitement that spontaneous […]

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Farewell, and Fly With the Angels

The world is sad this week as we mourn the passing of David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Both of them were entertainers who defied stereotypes and broke boundaries set by dogmatic religions.   What the Angels have told me is that these two and many of their show business companions are able to successfully break […]

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